Cleared Career Pathway Program

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In partnership with Falcon Aviation Academy, a Part 141 flight school, our Cleared Career Pathway Program is designed to give pilots a 22-24 month fast-track path to a First Officer position at ExpressJet. After the successful completion of the program, pilots will have the opportunity to begin training as an ExpressJet First Officer.

Becoming a pilot requires dedication and hard work, and this accelerated training program allows you to achieve your goal as quickly as possible, while gaining invaluable industry exposure. 

Here’s how it works.*

0-4 Months

  • Apply to Falcon Aviation Academy, secure financing and begin your pilot training.
  • Complete a face-to-face personality assessment interview with an ExpressJet pilot to determine if you’re a good fit for our team.
  • Complete private and instrument rating training.

4-12 Months

  • After your instrument checkride, complete a skills assessment with an ExpressJet pilot.
  • Gain exposure to real world airline training and operations with quarterly events, including visits to ExpressJet headquarters and other activities.
  • Complete commercial and multi-engine rating training.
  • Complete certificated flight instructor (CFI) training, complete interview processing with ExpressJet and receive a conditional job offer.

12-22 Months

  • Earn hours by working as a Falcon Aviation Instructor Pilot.
  • Learn what it takes to be an airline pilot through line pilot mentorship, actual airline training concepts and courses, and exposure to air transport industry principles.

22-24 Months

  • At 1440 completed hours, join ExpressJet as a First Officer in training. 


About Falcon Aviation Academy

Falcon Aviation Academy is a Part 141 flight school in Georgia. Falcon specializes in training career aviators and leaders in the aviation industry. Their curriculum is designed for performance, safety, and career advancement. Falcon offers the flexibility, availability, and customization that other flight schools of a similar size cannot. Whether you are a full- time or part-time student, Falcon will work with you to develop a schedule that will safely and efficiently complete your training. 

For more information, visit Falcon Aviation Academy

*Program timeline based upon Falcon Aviation Academy curriculum and candidate performance.

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