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ExpressJet Pilot Qualifications

Being an ExpressJet pilot is more than just flying from Point A to Point B; it’s upholding the highest levels of professionalism while working with our flight attendants, dispatchers, mechanics and station agents to deliver safe and reliable service to all of our passengers on every flight. Read on for more information about our requirements, and when you’re ready to apply complete an application at expressjet.com/apply. 

ExpressJet Pilot Qualifications:

  • Certificates/Ratings: CMEL with Instrument Rating
  • ATP Written: Course and written provided by ExpressJet as part of paid training
  • Flight Experience:
    • Military: 750 hours
    • R-ATP qualified: 1,000 or 1,250 hours (FAR 61.159 and 61.160, AC 61-139)
    • Or 1,500 hours
    • 25 hours ME fixed-wing
  • Medical: Ability to hold FAA Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • Age: At least 21 years of age
  • Authorization to work in the United States without sponsorship
  • Background Checks: DOT Background / criminal history / reference check / fingerprints/ National Drivers Record / No excessive check ride failures

Selection Process:

Our recruiting team reviews online resumes and applications, and invites the most qualified applicants for an interview. During the interview, the applicant will be questioned on judgment, decision making, general aviation knowledge, instrument procedures, weather, AIM, and all FARs. Education, training history, and employment history will be reviewed. We recommend a review of the commercial, instrument and ATP test guide questions, AIM, FARs and , the following books: Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot, Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators, Turbine Pilots Flight Manual before attending the interview. In most cases, candidates who are unsuccessful in their interview must wait 60 days before re-interviewing.

How to Apply:

ExpressJet is hiring pilots. Individuals interested in joining our team may create an application or update their existing applications via AirlineApps.com. There is no cost to create an AirlineApps.com application if you are only applying to ExpressJet. Applications for employment as an ExpressJet pilot must be submitted throughAirlineApps.com. Applications may be submitted free of charge, though a fee may be charged if you wish to join AirlineApps as a member for added features. If you are already a member of the AirlineApps system, sign in to your account and add ExpressJet to your target listing. New users can create an account to begin the application process.