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ExpressJet Airlines has a 35-year history of superior service and performance and is the amalgamation of Atlanta SouthEast Airlines (ASA) and Continental Express, former subsidiaries of Delta Air Lines and Continental Airlines respectively.

We believe that the past decade of industry consolidation has created many opportunities of unmet customer needs in many cities. Our 2021 business plan intends to service those unmet customer needs by providing high-quality, reliable, efficient point-to-point flying to small and medium sized cities that have lost service in recent years as a result of U.S. airline industry consolidation and culminating in additional COVID-19 driven reductions.

ExpressJet has filed with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) to reinstate its DOT Fitness Authority to conduct commercial business.  Note that ExpressJet has maintained its FAA flying authority as a Part 121 carrier.

ExpressJet’s current aircraft fleet includes the 50 seat ERJ145 jet aircraft and our certificate qualifies us to fly the EMB 170/175/190, CRJ 200/700/900 and the ERJ135 at short notice.

Our plans for 2021 and beyond, will leverage the company’s 35-year history of having flown several hundred aircraft to 300+ airports in the Americas. This plan will focus on city pairs that are unserved or abandoned by the major airlines, the “ultra low-cost carriers,” and even the new airline entrants. 

ExpressJet is excited about the opportunity before it, and we will announce details in the coming weeks.








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