Operating Capability

ExpressJet Airlines has been a scheduled airline for 35 years and has operated as United Express, Delta Connection, American Eagle and as a standalone carrier. The airline is certified currently under FAR Part 121 as a Domestic, Flag and Supplemental Carrier flying EMB145-LRs and EMB145-XRs in Passenger and Cargo, IFR/VFR, Day/Night operations.

ExpressJet has operated all variations of the most popular Embraer and Bombardier regional aircraft. Including the following:

  • ERJ145 (LR/XR)
  • ERJ135
  • E175s
  • EMB120
  • CRJ200 / CRJ700 / CRJ900
  • ATR42 / ATR72

As an airline that has operated more than 400 aircraft (#4 airline by aircraft – globally – in 2011), its manuals, procedures, processes, systems, safety and underlying structure reflects is strength and capabilities.

Capability Summary

  • ATL based headquarters near Hartsfield with easy access and a professional relationship with the ATL FAA Certificate Management Office.
  • Adequate parts, support inventory and equipment for ERJ145 maintenance.
  • Over 15 years of ExpressJet certificate experience for each position required under FAR Part 119 for the five principals.
  • Industry executives with experience in fee for departure and standalone airline models.
  • Experience with all popular models of regional aircraft.


  • ExpressJet is a Delaware registered LLC owned by KAir Enterprises LLC and its affiliates.

Technical Capabilities

ExpressJet has the following approvals or authority from the FAA:

  • CAT II Certified carrier
  • Digital authority for electronic signatures and EFBs for flight crews.
  • Approval of an Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP)
  • Special airport authority qualification ability (i.e. Vail, CO).

ExpressJet’s commitment to Safety and programs include:

  • FAA Approved Part 5 Safety Management System (SMS) in September 2017
  • Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) for Pilots, Inflight, Dispatch, and Tech Ops
  • Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) program
  • Member of the Flight Safety Foundation, Member of ASIAS, Listed on the IATA Operation Safety Audit Registry
  • Internal Evaluation Program (IEP)

 ExpressJet’s Maintenance Department has:

  • TRAX maintenance and records systems
  • Deep vendor relationships for Embraer and Bombardier products
  • Ability and experience to perform in-house heavy checks

 Seat Width:

  • All ExpressJet operated aircraft are single class and maintain a minimum/maximum seat width of 17.3”.